Boston, MA Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is too often overlooked.

In many cases, especially younger renters, the burden of paying another insurance premium seems too costly. However, renting an apartment, as opposed to owning your own place, does not make home insurance unnecessary.

Renters insurance provides coverage for the personal property (your stuff) that you have in your apartment as well as personal liability coverage. It does not cover the physical dwelling.

Having a renters insurance policy is a relatively inexpensive way to protect your belongings and liability exposure. If you are interested in receiving a quote or have any questions concerning renters insurance, please contact us online here or give us a call.

* Insurance companies offer account discounts for bundling your renters & auto policies with the same company. In many cases, the amount you might pay for renters insurance could nearly pay for itself based on the savings your auto policy premium generated by the account credit.