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Find a Pet Insurance Plan That’s Right for Your Family

The happiness your pet brings to your life is immeasurable. Unfortunately, the costs that come with your pet are very measurable. And they quickly add up, especially when something unexpected happens.

Pet insurance is the best way to protect your family and your finances. Just like human health insurance, pet insurance plans protect you against the costs of medical care. They give you peace of mind that you’ll have financial support when your furry friend needs care.

Since 1957, Gallant Insurance Agency and L.F. Robbins Insurance have helped people throughout New England find insurance solutions that protect what they value most, like the pets they love. With offices in Acton, Pepperell and Townsend, Massachusetts, we are dedicated to making sure our clients find insurance plans that are right for their families.

Did you know? In the United States, a pet owner receives a vet bill of more than $1,000 every six seconds.

High-Quality Coverage for Your Pet, From Vet Visits to Treatments

We are an independent insurance agency, which means that we compare prices across national and regional insurance companies. That way, we can offer our clients the best rates and coverage they can trust. Our primary insurance pet insurance carrier is Safeco.

We recommend Safeco to our clients because of the high-quality coverage. The pet insurance covers exam fees, diagnostic tests and treatment for cats or dogs, including some treatments that you might not expect, like stem-cell therapy and acupuncture.

You’ll get coverage for:

  • Preventive care like the regular check-ups that keep your pet healthy
  • Accidents from bites wounds to toxic ingestions and broken bones
  • Illnesses, including both major or chronic illnesses and minor health problems, like allergies
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions like birth defects
  • Behavioral issues to help with the cost of vet visits related to concerning behaviors