Car & Home Multi-Policy Insurance Discounts in New England

You are not alone if you want to find the best way to pay less for insurance. In Massachusetts, auto insurance rates were set by the state until 2007, so shopping for lower car insurance rates was not an option. Car & home multi-policy discounts simply were not available until recently.

Now automobile insurance in Massachusetts is based on managed competition. This competition is advantageous for you since insurance companies are eager for your business. Insurance companies offer up to a 15 percent discount, or policy credit, on home and auto policies when both policies are from the same company. Bundling accounts together with one provider is a smart and easy way to save on your annual premium. And it’s more convenient to deal with one insurance company rather than several.

Which Insurance Policies Do You Need?

One advantage of working with an independent insurance agency, such as Gallant Insurance or L.F. Robbins Insurance, is that we offer many different types of insurance coverage. That makes it easy to qualify for car and home multi-policy discounts from the reputable insurance companies we represent. Your personal property may warrant coverage as a valuable possession, for example. Umbrella insurance, or excess liability insurance, can shelter you from financial loss during potential lawsuits. The more policies you are shopping for, the greater potential for savings on insurance.

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Other Ways to Save on Insurance

Becoming familiar with a few basic insurance facts and discounts can help to keep some more money in your pocket and ensure you are properly covered. Let us find the best insurance package for you.

Because we have your best interests in mind, we will seek every discount or insurance credit you may be eligible for:

  • Home security discounts: There are many ways to reduce your homeowners or renters insurance by installing various safety and security measures.
  • Multi-vehicle discounts: This discount works on the same principle as multi-policy discounts. You are rewarded for using the same company for more than one policy.
  • Defensive driving discount: We can provide information on how taking an advanced driving course may help you secure additional car insurance savings.
  • Antitheft and safety devices: Vehicles equipped with certain devices, such as airbags or antitheft mechanisms, may qualify for a credit.
  • Student discounts: If you have teen drivers who are good students or college kids at school more than 100 miles away, there may be car insurance discounts available.
  • Senior discounts: You may be eligible for certain senior discounts mandated by the state of Massachusetts. We can help.
  • Low mileage credits: Some drivers put very few miles on their vehicle in a year, and that reduces their risk, which may increase their insurance savings.

Some companies reward your loyalty with premium credits for every year you have had your policies with them or if you pay in full every year. Depending on the combination of insurance policies you need, we can help you save a significant amount of money on policy premiums by bundling multiple policies with one insurance company. Not only will you save money, you will also save time and energy simply by dealing with fewer insurance providers.

Insurance Discounts for You at Gallant

Contact our experienced independent agents to learn more about car & home multi-policy insurance discounts and other credits you may take advantage of on your insurance policies. We have offices conveniently located in Acton, MA; Pepperell, MA; and Townsend, MA. You may find our Auto frequently asked questions helpful.