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Even if you have top of the line homeowner’s insurance, you may still have gaps. Your insurance may not cover the loss of valuable jewelry, an antique, upgrades mandated by building code changes, or a specific brand of musical instrument. In addition, it will probably not cover certain events, such as an earthquake, flood if you are in a flood zone, or sump pump backups. Another common gap is coverage for power lines and equipment connected to those lines.

Gallant Insurance Provides Coverage for Service Lines

At Gallant Insurance and our partner agency L. F. Robbins, our Massachusetts agents help homeowners with all their insurance needs, including those not usually covered in a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. As an independent agency, we can help you review your needs and select the best options for meeting those needs. One event that homeowners seldom think about is downed wires caused by a falling tree. If you live in an area with many trees, it is important to assess your need for special coverage that will pay for the cost of reinstalling or repairing the wires and cables.

Tree Damage to Power Lines and Cables

If homeowners think about tree damage at all, they usually anticipate roof damage, broken windows or other structural impacts caused by ice storms or high winds. They don’t think about replacing electrical wires. However, basic homeowner’s insurance seldom covers downed wires going into a building. In addition, homeowner’s insurance seldom pays to replace appliances damaged by a power surge caused by downed wires.

Damage to Buried Lines

Similarly, natural disasters can affect buried lines, pipes and cables, causing problems similar to those resulting from downed trees. Earthquakes, sinkholes, floods and other natural phenomena can damage gas lines, causing leaks that could ultimately fuel an explosion. Additionally, street and road construction could damage underground utilities leading to your home. Typical policies are unlikely to cover the cost of replacing buried infrastructure, and most homeowners do not realize that they own the underground lines and cables.

Coverage Available for Damaged Lines and Equipment

Although each company offering coverage for service lines handles things differently, companies may offer coverage for:

  • Pipes that connect the structure to the water supply, whether that is a well or public system
  • Electrical lines that carry power to the house
  • Steam pipes connected to an outside heating system
  • Drain and sewer pipes
  • Telephone and cable wires going into the house
  • Gas lines that connect the house to the main
  • Damage to equipment caused by damage to the service lines

The coverage pays for replacement or repair of the lines, pipes and cables; it may also cover the cost of a hotel or short-term rental if the home is uninhabitable.

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