New England Area RV and Camper Insurance

If you are shopping for camper insurance, look no further than Gallant Insurance. We have helped many traveling tourists and full-timers understand that motorhome insurance is an essential part of their adventure. You are insuring a vehicle and protecting your home.

Gallant Insurance and L.F. Robbins Insurance have been serving the insurance needs of Massachusetts residents for many decades, and we are familiar with how state laws affect your MA auto insurance policy. We represent many highly rated insurance companies, which means we can find the most competitive rates for your RV insurance and also help you seek insurance discounts you qualify for, including multi-policy discounts.

What Recreational Vehicle Insurance Covers

Many people assume that RV insurance in Massachusetts is exactly the same as auto insurance. It may seem so, but that is not the case. Among the factors to consider with RV insurance are what is required by Massachusetts motor vehicle laws and how you use the RV. There are several components of a camping trailer insurance policy:

  • Liability insurance: The state of Massachusetts requires all motorized vehicles to have certain minimums on liability coverage to protect against injury and property damage.
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist: Massachusetts has certain requirements for this coverage to protect you against accidents involving vehicles that are not properly insured. This type of camper insurance also covers hit-and-run accidents.
  • Personal injury protection: Since Massachusetts is a no-fault state, personal injury protection (PIP) is required of all drivers. No-fault laws remove your right to sue the other driver for damages unless medical costs related to injuries are more than your coverage.
  • Collision insurance: As the name implies, this coverage pays for repairs or replacement after a crash with another vehicle.
  • Comprehensive insurance: If your camper is vandalized or a thief takes belongings from your vehicle, the comprehensive portion of your policy will cover the loss. It protects against damage caused by virtually anything other than a collision, including overhangs, animals, hail, lightning and more.
  • Medical payments: This will cover medical bills and other costs for you and passengers in your RV. It also pays if you or a family member is hit by another vehicle while a pedestrian.

Optional RV Insurance to Consider

As your insurance advisor, the experienced agents at Gallant Insurance will also discuss several camping insurance options that will help you customize your policy:

  • Towing and roadside assistance: Protect yourself and your rig from unforeseen cases when the RV needs to be towed or requires roadside repairs.
  • Storage insurance: There may be several months during the year when you can reduce RV insurance coverage. It’s smart to make sure you remained insured against rodents, fire and vandalism.
  • Emergency expenses: This recreational vehicle insurance will pay temporary expenses if your camper needs repairs while you are away from home.
  • Permanent attachments: Is your satellite dish or antenna protected? What about awnings attached to your camper? Insurance can protect you.
  • Personal property replacement: We can talk about the level of RV insurance you may require, depending on the property onboard your vehicle and the risks of theft or damage.

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