New England Area Insurance Agents for Accident Forgiveness Policies

If you have your only at-fault accident in many years, your premiums will increase even if you have always been a safe driver with a clean record. This is true unless you have an auto insurance policy that includes accident forgiveness. Having accident forgiveness gives you an added layer of protection that regular car insurance cannot.

An Independent Massachusetts Insurance Agency

Accident forgiveness sounds great, but how do you know if you are eligible? What is the best policy for your needs? Questions like these are why it is important to work with an independent insurance agent who can do the legwork for you. At Gallant Insurance and our partner agency L. F. Robbins, our New England area auto insurance specialists will help you to identify the best accident forgiveness endorsement for you. Not all insurance companies offer this feature, so having an expert to guide you through the many companies selling policies in Massachusetts can really help. You can be confident that our agency will help you find the best policy with accident forgiveness at the best price.

Things to Know About Accident Forgiveness

Before you purchase a car insurance policy with accident forgiveness, here are some things you should know:

  • Accident forgiveness usually applies only to your first at-fault accident when covered by the policy.
  • Even though your insurance company might not penalize you after your first accident, the insurance company is counting. If you have a second accident, accident forgiveness will probably not apply.
  • This feature does not protect you if you broke traffic laws, were driving drunk or operating the vehicle recklessly. The Commonwealth could still charge you with an offense. You could get points on your license. Accident forgiveness only applies to the premium you pay.
  • Companies who offer this feature often provide it at no cost to people with a safe driving record who have been customers for a while (two years is common). Check to see if your current company does this.
  • Accident forgiveness is often bundled with disappearing deductible, another feature that rewards safe drivers.
  • You may not be eligible if you have moving violations on your driving record. It depends on the company.

These variables make it important to use an independent agency like Gallant Insurance so you can compare options and prices.

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If you are thinking about adding accident forgiveness to your car insurance policy, talk to us first. We can help you find the policy that best meets your needs. Contact us at our Acton, MA, office or at the offices of our partner agency, L. F. Robbins, in Pepperell or Townsend. We have been serving the New England area and its surrounding cities and towns since 1957.