New England Area Life Insurance Quotes

Many Gallant Insurance and L.F. Robbins Insurance clients have a strong desire to protect themselves and their families but they are unsure how to proceed after a life insurance quote. We have been helping Massachusetts and New Hampshire families and businesses for decades by providing friendly consultation on the sometimes complicated topic of life insurance. We can help you find a group life plan for your business or a whole life insurance policy that will offer financial peace of mind for your family after you’re gone.

Term Life Insurance: We occasionally may recommend term life insurance, depending on your situation. It may be suitable for young families or those with short-term protection goals. Term life offers short-term protection if you pass away during the term if your policy, which can range fromĀ 5 to 30 years. In some cases, term life may be converted to permanent life insurance, so if your budget demands a cheaper life insurance option now, we can help you find a policy that can be converted without evidence of insurability.

Whole life insurance: Whole life is often called permanent life insurance because, unlike term, its protection lasts over the course of your entire lifetime. In addition to the life insurance death benefit for beneficiaries and loved ones, whole life offers cash value, which grows over time at a guaranteed rate. You may choose to use that cash value from your policy for expenses, such as college funding or retirement. We can talk about that possibility in detail before you decide whether whole life insurance is a solution for you.

Universal life insurance: Universal life insurance offers lifetime protection similar to whole life, but it provides more flexibility for you. For example, you may want to change your premium payment or the amount the death benefit will be. The cash value of a universal life insurance policy has potential to grow more significantly than that in a whole life policy due to the interest rate.

Gift Planning with Life Insurance

One way life insurance may be used is for gift planning. Grandparents and parents who want to provide for their grandchildren or for adult children with special needs. If you want to leave a legacy to a favorite charity, your alma mater or a religious organization, gift life insurance is a potential solution. You would pay the policy premiums and plan in advance that the life insurance benefits could be distributed to specific family members or organizations upon your death. In some cases, your premiums may be tax-free, and the death benefit would be received by the beneficiary without tax implications.

As firm believers in life insurance, Gallant Insurance agents would welcome the opportunity to discuss its many uses with you and your family or business associates. We help clients throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire find a group life plan that is right for them.

Key Person Life Insurance for Business

Virtually any type of life insurance may be used for a variety of purposes, including business continuation planning. Some employers insure the lives of key executives in what is called key man life. A small business relies on the creative leadership of certain individuals. A key person life insurance policy would provide funds to keep the business going should a vital employee or owner of the business die prematurely.

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