New England Area Liquor Store Insurance

While liquor sales can be profitable, this type of business also carries high risks. Owners can protect themselves against the risks of operating a liquor store by having the right insurance.

At Gallant Insurance and L.F. Robbin Insurance, we help owners of liquor stores protect themselves against the risks of their business. With convenient offices in Acton, Pepperell and Townsend, our company offers liquor store owners the insurance coverage they need to protect their success and growth.

Protect Yourself Against the Risks of Owning a Liquor Store

Liquor store owners know that they face the same risks as any other retail store. They need workers compensation insurance for their employees, liability insurance to protect themselves against slip-and-fall and other negligence claims, and property insurance to cover the building in the event of fire or other disasters. Although they can consolidate these coverages into a business owners policy (BOP), liquor store owners need also consider additional insurance policies such as:

  • Theft coverage: Liquor stores are at great risk for theft. Extra theft protection can minimize the losses from both employee and customer theft.
  • Spoilage: Refrigeration equipment failure can affect many of the products sold by liquor stores. Ice, beer, chilled wines, and other cold or frozen products can be lost if refrigeration equipment malfunctions or loses power.
  • Liquor liability: Like restaurants, liquor stores need to protect themselves from claims arising from accidents caused by intoxicated customers. This type of insurance may also protect stores that hold beer and wine tastings.

Gallant Insurance can provide policies that protect against these risks. We will also recommend other types of business coverage needed by retail or wholesale liquor outlets. We can conduct an analysis of your operation, identify areas of concern, and recommend insurance products that will provide the highest level of coverage at the best price.

Call Gallant Insurance in Acton, Pepperell or Townsend for a Free Quote

When liquor store owners call us for a free quote, we don’t just give them a standard number. Rather, we learn all about them, including the size of the store, the annual sales, the maintenance and security arrangements and the number of employees. This allows us to develop a quote targeted to the unique needs of their business. Contact us to learn how we can help protect your business.