New England Area Cyber Liability and Data Insurance

As the business world becomes more dependent on computer technology to find and retain prospective customers, data insurance is becoming nearly as vital as property insurance and other traditional forms of business protection. Gallant InsuranceĀ and L.F. Robbins Insurance educates businesses throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire on the growing risks and the benefits of cyber liability insurance to their operations.

When seeking business insurance for newer risks, such as data breaches, privacy risks and identity theft, it’s important to select an insurance company that can back its innovation with a solid reputation. Gallant Insurance and L.F. Robbins Insurance represents several such regional and national insurance companies. We only work with highly rated, financially secure companies whose credibility has been built by their ability to respond to market demands with new products our clients can count on.

While general liability insurance is typically an essential component of a business insurance or non-profit insurance package, it is not designed to protect you in the event that computer hackers steal data or compromise your computer network. Cyber liability insurance has been created to meet that very real need.

Who Needs Cyber Liability Insurance?

We help concerned clients answer the question of whether they need data insurance by providing several examples of businesses that do:

  • Commercial businesses and non-profit organizations that rely on the Internet to communicate need cyber liability insurance.
  • If you have a website or people submit information on electronic forms, you may need cyber liability insurance.
  • If you collect financial information, email addresses, personal records or other such data, you may need to protect it with data insurance.
  • If you conduct business with other organizations that rely on your data or vice versa, you may need cyber liability insurance.

What Cyber Liability Insurance Covers

We can help you tailor a cyber-liability insurance policy to meet the unique needs of your organization:

  • Data loss: The primary risk you face is protecting information stored on your computer systems and those of third-party vendors.
  • Crisis management: You may need to call on public relations experts or legal advisors to control the message following data breaches or virus damage.
  • Business interruption: This protection will pay when a virus attacks your system, a hacker steals data or other covered claim occurs, and you need to temporarily suspend business operations.
  • Notification expenses: Many states require victims of cyber crime and data breaches be informed that their personal information may have been compromised. This coverage helps you pay those necessary expenses.
  • Wrongful acts: If you have ever received notice that someone in your email address book has accidentally activated a computer virus, which has been transmitted to other systems, you understand your need to protect against wrongful acts with cyber liability insurance.
  • Copyright protection: This offers coverage when there is a claim or accusation that your organization has published previously copyrighted materials or shared materials without permission.

There will not be protection for these types of needs on a typical business owners policy, but we can help you add data insurance as necessary. Cyber liability insurance policies are becoming more and more common, and we frequently combine this sort of protection with basic policies that businesses and non-profits rely on, such as commercial auto insurance.

Contact Gallant and L.F. RobbinsĀ for Data Insurance

Trust your cyber liability insurance to an independent insurance agency that has adapted and changed over many decades as the risks our clients face have evolved. For a cyber liability insurance quote, contact our experienced agents at offices conveniently located in Acton, Pepperell and Townsend, Massachusetts. We offer no-obligation business consultations for a wide range of coverage needs, including workers compensation.