New England Area Commercial Real Estate Insurance for Condos and HOAs

If you need commercial real estate insurance, look no further than your partner for Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners association (HOA) insurance, Gallant Insurance and L.F. Robbins Insurance in Townsend and Pepperell, MA. We can help you understand the different types of insurance to consider while finding a competitive rate that will meet the needs of your organization.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance Basics

Landlords insurance starts with property and liability insurance protection, which will cover the actual property, including fences, parking areas, facilities such as swimming pools or exercise rooms, exterior walls and more. Potential liability insurance needs may vary depending on the property, so we can help you find the right HOA insurance policy for you.

Gallant Insurance and L.F. Robbins Insurance are independent insurance agencies that have joined together to offer a broader range of services to our customers. We represent many insurance companies and can readily provide you with choices for easy comparison of HOA insurance policies. Count on us for competitive commercial real estate insurance quotes and ongoing consultations once the policy is in place. We can help you determine whether you need a workers comp insurance policy for employees or property management insurance. It is required in Massachusetts to protect any employees of the HOA.

Other types of insurance you may need:

A common misconception among commercial real estate owners is that floods and severe wind storms will be covered by their HOA insurance. This is not the case. Let Gallant Insurance explain any standard policy exclusions and help you determine gaps in your coverage and whether you may also need flood insurance.

We Insure Condo Association Residents Too

Some of the residents in the condos, apartments or multi-family dwellings you are insuring may think your master policy covers them too. They need to secure their own insurance policy to protect the property within the walls of their home as well as any personal property they may own. You can steer them to Gallant Insurance for condo insurance. We can also provide information for condo association meetings or homeowners associations (HOA) about the master insurance policy, deductibles and coverage exclusions.

Contact Gallant and L.F. Robbins for Condo Association and HOA Insurance

As your trusted insurance advisor, Gallant Insurance will assist you with all your insurance needs for commercial properties in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Contact our experienced agents for a competitive commercial real estate insurance quote. We can also help you learn more about fidelity bonds and other bonds your commercial real estate business may need.