New England Area Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Operating a repair shop exposes owners to a variety of risks. Protect your shop with the proper insurance.

Gallant Insurance, a Massachusetts company with offices in Acton, Pepperell and Townsend, offers a variety of insurance packages to auto repair shop owners. Our company, partnering with L.F. Robbins Insurance, will explore all the options available and recommend the coverage that provides the most cost-effective protection for you, your employees and your business.

Protect Yourself From the Risks of Running a Repair Shop

There are significant risks associated with running any type of small business such as a vehicle repair shop. Gallant Insurance can minimize those risks with the right business insurance coverage:

  • Tools and equipment: Auto repair shops have specialized and expensive equipment, including diagnostic tools that are susceptible to theft. We will determine the value of such items and provide the right amount of coverage. We make sure that everything is listed at its correct value while keeping your deductible as low as possible.
  • Customers’ property: Auto repair shops need significant liability coverage because they store their customers’ property on-site. Shop owners need to be sure that they can protect their customers in the event of fire or other events that could damage their customers’ cars and trucks. Owners should also be sure that they can protect themselves in the event of negligence claims.
  • Customer injuries: Customer injuries can occur even when you try to keep them out of the shop itself. To protect yourself and your customers, you need liability coverage. We can find the policy that protects you and your customers at the right level and the most competitive price.
  • Employee injuries: Just like big corporations, small businesses must protect their employees from the cost of on-the-job injuries—state law requires this type of coverage. We can find the right worker’s compensation coverage for your employees.

Special Considerations for Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Many auto repair shops, such as those dealing with transmissions, brakes and body work, are franchises. If you are a franchisee, it is important to determine what kind of coverage the franchise provides. You want your business to be fully insured, but you don’t want to pay for coverage you don’t need if the franchise already provides it. We will analyze your franchise agreement and determine exactly what you need.

Moreover, several insurance companies have recently dropped their coverages for auto repair shops. If your agent sent you a notice about changing companies, or if your previous coverage was not renewed and you were shifted to another carrier, it is important to find out exactly where you stand. Do not take the risk of operating your auto repair shop, even for one day, without adequate insurance coverage. The future of your business may be at stake.

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