Save Big With the Multi-Policy Discount

When you bundle your home and auto insurance together through the same insurance company, you open yourself up to big savings. The multi-policy discount offers some of the best savings off of your premiums. It also happens to be one of the easiest discounts to access, if you do it right.

The Multi-Policy Discount: Which Policies Count?

While many companies may offer a multi-policy discount, they may only offer it on certain types of policies. For instance, home insurance and car insurance policies are your guaranteed go-to combination to get the multi-policy discount from most companies. But combining your homeowners policy with your motorcycle or boat policy may also do it. If you rent instead of own, your renters policy combined with your car policy could do the job. If you have multiple drivers in your home with their own cars, that may open you up to a multi-policy discount or a multi-car discount. Do your research to find the right company that can give you the deepest discounts while still giving you the best protection.

Finding the Insurance Company with the Best Options

If you choose to search for insurance online on your own, it can take you hours to go from insurance carrier site to insurance carrier site, reviewing which policies they offer and what discounts are available. You will likely be required to submit your contact information to each company to get quotes that match your area. Sharing your info could lead to a lot of marketing emails and phone calls from these companies, asking whether you want to buy now that you have a free quote.

When you work with our team at Gallant Insurance Agency, all those hassles disappear. You will only need to give us your information once. From there, you get to sit back and relax while we handle the shopping and quoting processes. We have partnerships with a number of insurance companies, so we know which ones offer great savings through various credits and discounts, including the multi-policy discount. Once we find the companies that offer the best premiums and discounts available, we will discuss your options with you so you can make a smart coverage decision.

Do you currently get the multi-policy discount? Do you get other discounts that make a bigger dent in your premium costs? Are there other credits or discounts you’d like to hear about from us? Let us know!

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