Does Your Flood Insurance Cover You Against The Five Big Risks?

Everybody is at risk when it comes to flooding. Did you know that floods represent the most common natural disaster in the United States? Of course those of us who live in relatively temperate climates such as Massachusetts are more than aware of how much rain we can get in a season. However, did you know that there are at least five different flood risk scenarios, as suggested by Is your flood insurance up to date?


Firstly, there’s the risk associated with snowfall. Yes, snow may look pretty on a postcard, but this type of precipitation quickly becomes a major hazard. For example, during the great Midwest floods in 1993 more than $16 billion of damage to property was caused due to snow melt. The ground was simply unable to absorb the massive amount of water that accumulated when the temperature reached a certain level.

Flash Floods

Even areas that are not used to getting a lot of rainfall may suddenly encounter thunderstorms and a massive amount of rain in a short period of time. In this case the ground can be very hard after some dry weather and all that water simply has nowhere to go. The power of flash floods must never be underestimated and you could be severely impacted.

New Construction

Development is all around us and it seems that new housing complexes are springing up all the time. When construction and development changes the “lay of the land” it reduces natural drainage and a brand-new flood risk arises.


Do you live relatively close to a dam or a levee? We only have to go back to Hurricane Katrina in order to see what can happen when defensive systems are overrun. There are almost 75,000 dams across the US and many of them pose a significant risk to property should they be breached.

Tropical Storms

If you live anywhere near the coast and even quite a distance in land you should be aware of what can happen when a tropical storm or hurricane comes ashore.

At Gallant Insurance we want to make sure that your flood insurance is in place and up to date. There are many different options available, but first and foremost you shouldn’t assume that this type of coverage is part of your home insurance, as it is not. Don’t wait for the next rain storm or natural disaster to occur before you talk with us about your flood insurance.

Do you have any horror stories relating to flood infiltration?

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